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We are in the year 32 758. Jaro, 23 years, lives with his wife and her small 6-year-old daughter on the planet Véga. Regrettably, one day one announces him that he caught a terrible disease. The only remedy to look after him is a plant, Géromia Netsulum, who grows only on the planet Formalhault. Jaro, having looked on the galactic atlas, notice that Formalhault is in just a little less than 10 Véga's light years. In spite of his spaceship capable of going to the speed of 99,5 % of that of the light, Jaro is well afraid that the time of journey is too long. In this rhythm, he will need 10 years to go on Formalhault.
Nevertheless, he knows very well that in this speed, he is not going to be any more in the same dimension as the inhabitants of Véga and that he can divide the time of the journey and the distance separating both planets by a factor g (gamma) thanks to famous formula which he taught to the school when he all was small:
V being the speed of its vessel
C the speed of light

For this scenario we shall have this formula:

So at the speed of 99,5 % of the light, the spaceship, his occupants, all the objects as he contains including the space in which is the vessel are shrunk 10 times in the sense of the movement. Idem for time, it passes 10 times less fast inside the vessel than on the planet Véga.
When Jaro returns on Véga, having been to look for his plant benefactress, his journey will have been of 2 years. Now on Véga, the time when Jaro left is of 20 years. His wife will have aged 18 years more than him, while her daughter, now 26-year-old, will be older than him!

Géromia Netsulum is only on the planet Formalhault

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Distance in light years Time in years Distance in light years Time in years
Vessel seen since Véga Meter seen in the vessel
So thanks to Albert Einstein, one knows now that it is possible to travel
In the time   BUT... Without return ticket!

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